31 December 2010

Happy New Year!!!

New Year's Resolution

My height is 5'3" and as shown in the height to weight ratio chart below (boxed with red), if a person stands 5'3" the target weight is at least 128 lbs. But I only weigh 98 pounds. I feel sad when I see this chart. Anyway, it is still my fault because I am too picky on foods. If I don't like the color and appearance I just take a little of it. I only eat much if I love the food. But it seldom happens. Well, I eat meals regularly, i t just didn't reach the minimum requirement maybe. So with this, I need self-discipline in order to gain weight. It might not be that easy for me but I will try my very best.
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1. For my blogger buddies - Wishing they'll continue to share inspiring notes online.

2. For my colleagues (at work) - May they continue to share their knowledge to the young minds unconditionally.

3. And to all my friends – May God grant all their wishes for this year.

24 December 2010


"It's better to give than to receive." A common quote taught in the olden days til this time.

Christmas is a season of sharing and giving presents. Not only gifts that can be touched but including those that are felt in heart. Love, forgiveness and compassion. These are priceless compared to anything else. Material things don't last for a lifetime. They are but indispensable. But if love reigns in every heart of every human, the earth will be a harmonious place to live in.

Merry Christmas!

10 December 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Taken outside Sm City going to CICC or Cebu International Convention Center.

Cebu International Convention Center
The stage on Pasigarbo sa Sugbo 2010.


05 December 2010

It's Another BM and MYM

Whatever it is, wherever it is as long as there's blue and yellow, it is special for me. :-) And of course I have to shoot them for Blue Monday and Yellow Monday.


Two thumbs up for this. I have seen this at the wall outside the conference room of Carmen Copper Corporation.

02 December 2010

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