05 December 2010

It's Another BM and MYM

Whatever it is, wherever it is as long as there's blue and yellow, it is special for me. :-) And of course I have to shoot them for Blue Monday and Yellow Monday.


Two thumbs up for this. I have seen this at the wall outside the conference room of Carmen Copper Corporation.


  1. i guess we're both BM and MYM fanatics here:) my posts is up, too. i wonder when will be linky's available at both sites:)

    happy monday ahead.

  2. Beautiful signage sis. I am now following this blog.

    My Blue Monday is Santa's Secret Shop

  3. hmmm.. nice post! i like the first pic..

  4. Good detective work, Belle.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  5. You had a great idea for today's blue feature. Nice job.

  6. I just love all of your photos. That poster is right. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. good luck to you entry here in this memes.. God bless anyway sorry for late visit here in your page. Busy with my report in school.


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