15 August 2011

Letter Chase Typing Tutor

Do you want to speed up your typing skills? Then you stumble upon an article that will lead you to it.

It is a typing tutor that measures each one's speed and accuracy in typing. You can also enhance your typing ability in this program. It is an introductory lesson to MS Word.

Below is the easiest drill for beginners. Correct position of the hands on the keyboard is shown. With curiosity I tried it because every time the students perform the said activity they always seem to be very excited especially if they can get a high rate on speed and accuracy.
The second level is for Intermediate. I chose Easy Phrases and Clauses. After typing the suggested text below, "a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" I got my score! The Best W. P. M. or word per minute is 52. :-)

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